Minelab CTX 3030 Coil Review by Ron

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Articles/Reviews

CTX 3030 coils

The Minelab CTX 3030 has 3 stock Minelab coils. All of Minelabs CTX Coils are waterproof and fully submersible. The stock 11” coil is an excellent all around coil for general detecting. I use this coil for most of the sites that I detect. The 11” is very versatile and gives good ground coverage, depth and target ID.
What are some of your best finds?
CTX 06
The small 6″ coil is my favorite for trashy sites and great for target separation in these type of environments. Have any of you folks used the small coil, what were your finds and thoughts?
When working in the trashy sites that we have hunted for coins and relics you can’t beat this coil in my opinion. The ground coverage is only about half of that of the stock 11” and that is good and bad. The bad is it takes a lot more time to cover an area with this coil but the GOOD totally out ways the coverage loss in being able to separate the good targets from all the rusty cans and other junk encountered when working mining camps and town sites. It always amazes me how much trash was left scattered over these sites.

On that note while you are out detecting pick up your water bottles, drink cans and any other items you brought with you. It always makes me mad when I see trash and bottles just left lying. And don’t bury them either pack it out be respectful of our hobby. Fill in all your holes and leave the land like you found it or better.

Pin pointing with the 6” is a breeze. The lite weight of the coil makes it easy to swing all day. You can’t go wrong with this coil. The 6” gets good depth for its size, you will be surprised, I know I was. Give this one a try when you are loosing threshold because of high trash or EMI.
CTX 17
The last coil the big 17” is a monster for ground coverage and depth. The first time I put on the 17” I was at a site the I had hit hard with all the other coils. I was detecting for just a few minutes and a clear high tone rang out. About 12” down in the hole was this very nice Barber Dime. I had covered this area many times but had missed it. The 17” hit the dime like it was 3” down coming loud and clear. In areas you have cleaned out go back with coil and see what you missed. I was very glad that I bought this coil. I know a few guys that use the 17” coil most of the time.

Thanks for the read and please post your comments, like and follow. Tell me what subject you might like to learn more about.

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