XP Deus Review by Ron

Posted: January 14, 2015 in Articles/Reviews
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My opinion:

XP Deus (Medium)

The XP Deus after a couple of months digging targets.

I have used the Deus in different areas including a pasture where there was an old town site. At the old town site the trash is horrible and varies from shallow to deep. There are both ferrous and non ferrous targets. Biggest problem there is over burden from feeding cows for years which puts good targets from 100 years ago deep. It was a difficult challenge to find good non ferrous items.

I worked some of the sites over again here in town that I have worked over hard with the CTX and did find a few coins that I had missed and nice token next to a piece of rebar where the CTX could not go.

I worked a few public easements and have posted some of the items on my Facebook page.

Now that being said here is what I think. The machine is good for hunting relic and coins where you are willing to dig EVERY target that is a non ferrous target despite what VDI numbers you are getting. You are going to dig some deep iron along with good targets at depth. But most of us do if you want to be successful. It does separate the ferrous and non ferrous targets fairly good if you run the reactivity up on 2 or 3. When you do set the XP to work in an iron infested area like running the fast mode you loose depth. In my opinion it looses about 1/3 of its depth if you run the machine to react fast enough to hit the good target in very heavy iron. If you sweep non parallel to the DD coil area it will hear the targets better when mixed with iron.

The depth of targets you can hear I don’t think is much different from the CTX but without trying the same size coil on both machines so all would be equal I can’t be sure. I only had the 9″ for the Deus.

The XP is not real difficult to setup but I don’t think there is a (this is the best) setting that really is correct. You can set it up using the reactivity and silencer along with the frequency. I worked out some settings that I believe are the best in the areas I was hunting. That said I see why the England relic hunters like the machine. You can set it up to hear all non ferrous targets and hit most of them (not all) and get rid on most of the iron by discriminating targets below a certain number (still hearing the iron with a low tone) by running in a 2 tone mode.
That however, is a bit of an issue coin hunting in a populated area with all the non ferrous bad targets we have here.

As for the VDI numbers. Sometimes they are right on the money depending on depth and if there are any other items being detected at the same time. It does give off a good clear signal on non ferrous items at detectable depths. I have yet to dig a good target when the signal is broken.

I love the weight of XP Deus and ease of taking it apart for storage and transportation.

The charging system works good and easy to use. The W5 headphones would be my choice if I was using headphones but it works great without them too.

Using the XP Deus along with the CTX is a killer combination.


Let me know what you think?



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