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Today I was lucky enough to go by my Livery Stable site and caught the workers that are putting up a new building on the site moving dirt. I got in the middle of things working around the loader and for me had a GOOD Day! 1920 Buffalo–1904 and 1876 (semi key) Indian head pennies..1892 V Nickel..1900 Barber Dime…Civil War Eagle Button.. knife handle screw..I found everything except the Barber Dime with my CTX. I always try to go over the same areas with My XP Deus and again it paid off with the 1900 Silver Barber…These machines work outstanding together.













Hydro Shocking a Gold Specimen

Posted: September 9, 2015 in Articles/Reviews

Some of you know that I am the type of guy that tests things, so here is my latest test. I read about hydro shocking a specimen to remove some or all of the quartz from the specimen. I debated if I wanted to this but the piece I decided to work on was not pretty so I thought I would get it a shot. The first pics are what it looked like at an ounce of quartz and gold. Now, there is just a little quarts left attached yet, but very little and removing anymore is not feasible. I did save all the quartz that come off the nugget in the process and there is gold that needs to be recovered as soon as I find my mortar I will grind it up and get the rest. I knew I would loose some but I am happy with results. For those of you that don’t know how to do this process you simply heat up the specimen and then drop it in cold water then repeat over and over until you get the desired effect.