CTX-3030 and XP Deus working together

Posted: September 30, 2015 in Articles/Reviews

Today I was lucky enough to go by my Livery Stable site and caught the workers that are putting up a new building on the site moving dirt. I got in the middle of things working around the loader and for me had a GOOD Day! 1920 Buffalo–1904 and 1876 (semi key) Indian head pennies..1892 V Nickel..1900 Barber Dime…Civil War Eagle Button.. knife handle screw..I found everything except the Barber Dime with my CTX. I always try to go over the same areas with My XP Deus and again it paid off with the 1900 Silver Barber…These machines work outstanding together.

  1. Chuck Strickland says:

    Nice work Ron! It’s hard to put that ctx down… but that Deus sure is fast!


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  2. Gerry says:

    That is exactly why I own both and use one after the other. Great digs Ron.

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