Nevada Trip 5-16-16

Posted: May 31, 2016 in Articles/Reviews

This is the items that I saved from my recent trip. I only was able to hunt one site for a couple of hours but one Silver watch, part of another  and MY favorite find, the little Chinese bell. It is the first one that I have found that is in tact with the ringer and all. It was smashed flat but with some coaxing it now is looking good. No idea what the gargoyle cap is from, not a fan of Gargoyle stuff. LOL… I did find 3 Nuggets for a total of about 4.7 grams. I didn’t get to weigh the last one I found because I let one member of the Class dig it up and keep it for the experience.

IMG_20160531_160227200 IMG_20160531_160253053 IMG_20160531_160327616 IMG_20160531_160355807



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