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What I am running at this time!! On the Nox 800 will change as testing goes.
Field 2
Ground- Tracking
Vol.- 20
Threshold Pitch-12
Target Tone- 5
Recovery Speed- 2
Iron Bias-2
Sensitivity-just under chatter


My early take on the 800 so far.  What I have found is some is the snow and wet ground. Some is small iron scattered all over this spot I am hunting. I have tried as I am sure you have higher iron bias, faster recovery speed, ground balancing, noise canceling and lower sensitivity.
It does pick out some real small targets with patience and a little work. Depth is good no matter where I seem to set it. I have dug pennies at 6+ with several iron bits in the hole. A coin will sing out good when you can get right on top of it and the VID’s have been right when it was a coin.

I did try something I watched on you tube for iron. If you have a unsure target that numbers are moving and are lower then switch to 10 hz. If the numbers come up to the 20’s then it is probably iron. I tried it an it worked pretty well.