Tip for the day.

Posted: June 3, 2018 in Articles/Reviews

Tip for the day. If you are hunting a good spot and you have more than one detector when you think you are done then grab the other one approach the site from different directions or go in circles like I did today. I have been gridding the townsite seeings it is such a large and iron infested site but today by back was hurting so I decided to grab my trusty 3030 and SLOW WAY DOWN!!! and I mean slow covering a small area and Minelab wiggling every possible good tone. It is a slow tedious process and you will dig some nail ends doing this but sometimes the wiggle pays off…1888 V along with the button about 3 inches away in the same hole covered by several nails. Speed of a machine is not everything because when you have all that speed you lose depth this was the case here. Had I not been at a crawling speed and listening for every small sound I would not have found these today. There was no solid hit without the wiggle and then it was not real good just enough to make me dig down around 8″. That is not real deep but with an iron halo over it and around it yes it was…what I am saying is, not any one machine will or can do it all. That is the same as the people swinging them that is why no one ever finds it all…

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