Tip for the day.

Posted: June 3, 2018 in Articles/Reviews

Tip for the day. If you are hunting a good spot and you have more than one detector when you think you are done then grab the other one approach the site from different directions or go in circles like I did today. I have been gridding the townsite seeings it is such a large and iron infested site but today by back was hurting so I decided to grab my trusty 3030 and SLOW WAY DOWN!!! and I mean slow covering a small area and Minelab wiggling every possible good tone. It is a slow tedious process and you will dig some nail ends doing this but sometimes the wiggle pays off…1888 V along with the button about 3 inches away in the same hole covered by several nails. Speed of a machine is not everything because when you have all that speed you lose depth this was the case here. Had I not been at a crawling speed and listening for every small sound I would not have found these today. There was no solid hit without the wiggle and then it was not real good just enough to make me dig down around 8″. That is not real deep but with an iron halo over it and around it yes it was…what I am saying is, not any one machine will or can do it all. That is the same as the people swinging them that is why no one ever finds it all…

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Site will close soon

Posted: May 11, 2018 in Articles/Reviews

If there is any information anyone wants get it now the site will most likely be closed soon. Thank you all for looking…

Rye Patch Ron

What I am running at this time!! On the Nox 800 will change as testing goes.
Field 2
Ground- Tracking
Vol.- 20
Threshold Pitch-12
Target Tone- 5
Recovery Speed- 2
Iron Bias-2
Sensitivity-just under chatter

GPX 5000 For Sale ……Like NEW

Posted: December 16, 2017 in Articles/Reviews

I bought this In April 2016 and have only used it for about 4 hours. It comes with all the shafts and extra’s you see in the photos. NOT THE  GOLD!!!

There are extra composite upper shafts in the second pic that are hard to see. The harness is new never used as are the headphones.

The coils.’

16″ XP DD***10×5″ DD***11×15″ DD and mono***7×14″ mono***11″ DD and mono***

8″ dd repaired.***20″ mono***extra coil covers for the 16″ and the 14″. Both car and house chargers. Cover for the 5000 ***new bag***extra power cord***everything that came with it in the box when new. Any questions email me @ ryepatchron@gmail.com

The reason it has not been used is I was using a GPZ 7000 at the time..

All this for only $5000.

This is an old video that I was not able to process until now but it is still very relevant today. I filmed it with a vcr camera so the quality is not as good as the new camera’s.

Doodads XP Deus Charging Clip

Posted: September 1, 2017 in Articles/Reviews
Here is my latest purchase for the XP Deus. I ordered this clip because the original clip keeps falling off  the coil.  With my new HF Elliptical coil the stock clip just falling off when driving down the road and even at home if I bump it.  I do try to charge my stuff while driving if possible, that way if you are going very far it is ready to go upon arrival. I found this is a good practice for me.
Now for the DOODAD clip.
It really worked good on my 9″ round original coil. It stayed in place and worked as advertised. But on my HF Elliptical it was not a fit! It would not go over the new raised ridges on the HF coil charging spot. I am going to take part of the blame for that because it doesn’t say it will work with the new HF coils, that was an assumption on my part. I don’t have the round HF coil but if it has the raised lines I assume the results would be the same. “Being the I can fix it type of guy” I got out my dremel tool and a small file and went to work. After filing and grinding on the clip (NOT THE COIL) I got it to work so so but not like I hoped. I might have gotten it to work better if I had ground on the coil but $25.00 vs $425.00 just no! I will leave the coil stock. So in my opinion if you need a charging clip for the original coils I would say OK but NOT for the New HF Coils.
They do make some other interesting items using  3D printing technology. I am not affiliated with them in any way just sharing information and my opinion.
Rye Patch Ron